Netizens claim Suhana Khan and Ranbir Kapoor always look “drunk”; Trolls the actors for their appearance

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Published by Yash Ojha on 05 Aug 2022

The Internet enables casual users to make snap judgments and humiliate public figures with offensive remarks. Due to their recent appearances, Suhana Khan and Ranbir Kapoor were this week’s troll targets. Trolls who flocked to the comments section of Ranbir and Suhana’s recent videos appeared to be primarily drunk. Ranveer Singh joked on a recent Koffee With Karan episode that Ranbir is probably most likely to get photographed while he’s intoxicated, but that was only a joke. And shouldn’t be used as a general standard to judge a celebrity who is just trying to seem good. But you can’t always count on vitriol-filled followers to make the right decision. Most likely, it goes against their DNA.

It’s funny how you can’t tell the difference between drunk and weary. Making the stupid and heartless allegation that Ranbir is “always drunk” is a bad move. Give the man a rest! Instead of seeming intoxicated in front of the cameras in broad daylight, Ranbir Kapoor may simply be sleepy and alert.

Suhana wouldn’t have been able to walk straight, as she did, if she was even somewhat “pee ke tight” as you describe. And do we really need to point out that COVID risks still exist and that the best course of action is still to cover up in public? You should be ashamed of yourself for ignoring all reasoning in an effort to be cruel.

Why would an aspiring actress damage her name by appearing in public while intoxicated before making her debut? Instead of jumping on the rumour bandwagon without thinking, how about using some common sense in this situation?

Are you certain “Barfi,” “Raajneeti,” “Yeh Jawaani Hai Deewani,” and “Sanju” failed to find success? Highlighting a well-known actor’s career while ignoring his failures is hateful. Everyone must deal with defects and failures; instead of openly criticising them, why not embrace them with positivity? Additionally, flops are a part of any actor’s career.

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