Twitter Goes Berserk After Seeing Amazon Selling A Half Coconut Shell For Rs. 3000

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Published by Vijay Sisodiya on 16 Jan 2019

It’s a world full of expecting the unexpected both in a good and bad sense. Well, if it’s good, it will make one and all happy but if it’s bad, people tend to create a big issue and also share it on the social media account with the world.

Something interesting yet unexpectedly wired has been witnessed by netizens and Twitter is having a ball of time by giving various reactions.

We all buy stuff online these days. From pin to a plane, we get everything with a click of a button and it is delivered right at your doorstep. However, while window shopping online, we come across some weird stuff which is sold online that grabs our attention. And what catches our attention is the price for which it is sold.

Netizens came across never-seen-before weird stuff which is being sold on popular online shopping site Amazon and it has taken everyone by surprise. So, want to know what’s it? Well, it’s a coconut shell. Oops, sorry, a half coconut shell which is being sold on Amazon. Wait, that’s not that weird but there’s something else which will blow your mind but it’s the price which will make your jaws drop.

That half of a coconut shell is being sold at Rs. 3000. But don’t worry, there’s a 55% discount on it. Facepalm!

Folks, this is not fake news but it’s true and Amazon is selling this half coconut shell for Rs 3000 with 55% discount.

Just for your reference, take a look at the picture here which says it all.

Image Source

While some of the recent reviews berated the site for selling such a common item for such an absurd price, older reviews displayed nothing but satisfaction.

Now talking about the buyers, then it’s a world full of silly people and some do buy such stuff. A buyer ordered this shell for his Monty Python-inspired Halloween costume and was pretty satisfied with the product and gave it a five-star rating.

Check out some of the Twitter reactions…

What are your views on this?

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