Umar Riaz gets into a brawl with the VIP members especially TejRan

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Published by Naushin Parveen on 16 Nov 2021

Bigg Boss 15 with 1.5 rating on weekdays and 2.0 rating on weekend is set to bring forth a new Jail task where the non VIP members will put forward their views through debate the topic that why they shouldn’t go to jail and the VIP members will decide whose point is more valid and relevant.

But during the task, the VIP members will have a discord among themselves and ignore Dr. Riaz and that’s when the squabble will begin when he loses his calm and ask the contestants to do things on their own.

Shockingly, in this discord Teja and Karan also ignores him which heated up the situation and Umar took his stand against TejRan. He lashes out at Tejasswi and seeing him reprimanding Teja, Karan loses his calm and gets into a verbal brawl with Umar for misbehaving with her.

Umar, Teja and Karan gained immense popularity as a friendship trio in BB15 but this sudden change in their behaviour towards each other and the bashing out at each other will take their friendship and equation to another level. In one of the earlier episodes, Teja, Karan and Umar was seen discussing about the late night drive they will do after they get out of the house with Teja saying Umar, “main tere sath drive par jaungi” but it seems the sudden change in attitude will bring forth lots of drama, chaos, twists and turns and that’s what the audience is waiting for.


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