The Union Cabinet approves on funding a whopping amount on India’s first manned mission project

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Published by Vijay Sisodiya on 29 Dec 2018

The 2022 target of Gaganyan has got its approval from the Central Cabinet and set the budget for such a grand mission in 2022. This manned space mission is far different from all other missions that ISRO has completed till now whether in terms of difficulty level or ambition, even the missions to the Moon (Chandrayaan) and Mars (Mangalyaan) are nowhere in comparison with this 2022 target mission.

This is going to be India’s first manned mission, creating history in India and the fourth nation worldwide to do it ever, after Russia US and China. This is not a normal project the Isro plans and implement, it took a whopping 10,000 crores for its overall expenses. The budget has to be arranged by the Government for sending three members who will spend one week in the space. The Union Minister, Ravi Shankar Prasad gave the information about the project budget.

Government spokesperson Sitanshu Kar said on Twitter while talking about the project, one of the most important requirements is the development of a launch vehicle that will carry heavy payloads into space budget which is essential to develop and build the technology, flight hardware, infrastructure, and computer systems necessary for the mission.

Even earlier also on Independence day, a plan by Prime Minister Narendra Modi who had announced in his about 2022 manned mission target. Well, reportedly the launching will be carried out from the Sriharikota spaceport in Andhra Pradesh, India.

Scientific advisor wrote in his tweet, “India will have a human in space programme by 2022. Isro already well on track to do this. Technologies being used and developed will have many benefits to society and to our science-ecosystem.”

Further, the attached tweet reads as, “Today I want to give the country good news; we have resolved that by 2022 before we celebrate 75 years of #IndependenceDayIndia, India will place an Indian in space: PM Narendra Modi.”

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