Catriona Gray from Philippines bags Miss Universe 2018 title, her pictures are divine

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Published by Shifa Naz on 17 Dec 2018

Miss Universe 2018, the beauty event happened yesterday in Bangkok, under the great anticipation and excitement, the results came out to be in the favor of Miss Philippines, yes the new Miss Universe Title belongs to the Filipinos. The 24 years old, Catriona Gray who is professionally a stage actress, model, and a TV host, won the 2018 Miss Universe title.

She made it to the finals with the two other beauties from South Africa and Venezuela. But her answer to the final question was worth winning. The 24-year-old lady responded to the question, “I work a lot in the slums of Tondo, Manila and the life there is very… it’s poor and it’s very sad. I’ve always taught myself to look for the beauty in it, to look in the beauty of the faces of the children and to be grateful. And I would bring this aspect as a Miss Universe to see situations with a silver lining, and to assess where I could give something, where I could provide something like a spokesperson. And this, I think, if I could teach also people to be grateful, we could have an amazing world where negativity could not grow and foster, and children will have a smile on their faces. Thank you.”

Take a look at her picture gallery that will prove why she bagged Miss Universe 2018 title in her kitty.

1. She loved experimenting her looks, and throughout the Miss Universe contest, she kept on trying new looks, and really she deserves the title.

2. Catriona Gray is a fearless beauty, who believes that one should always be passionate about his or her dreams, without any fear of losing or winning.

3. A day before the final results, butterflies inside but still blessed with warm wishes and prayers of the Philippines.

4. She was fully inspired by the love and gratefulness of the Filipinos, she was willingly wanting to dedicate this title as a pride to the nation.

5. The garb that Gray carried to the final rounds was lava-inspired evening gown, designed by Mak Tumang.

Kudos to Philipinnes, this is their 4th title till now, the last one was won in the year 2015.

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