Urfi Javed opens up on how trolls on her fashion sense doesn’t really affect her

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Published by Vanshika Bisht on 27 Nov 2021

Ever since, Urfi Javed  has stepped out from the Bigg Boss OTT, the spotlights have been all over her creating a buzz.

Actress-model and social media influencer, Urfi Javed always makes headlines under her name. The bold and daring fashion influencer always remains at the bull’s eye of netizens.

Each time she comes up with her “out-of-the-box” creative designs fans majorly trolls her for wearing her choice of clothes. Very few are there in the crowd who are left mind-struck for creating stylish pieces from simple-useless clothes.

She recently stunned a designer piece inspired from Kendall Jenner’s wardrobe, and looked absolutely gorgeous in the black diamond cut-out dress. She nailed the outfit while chilling in Mumbai and got snapped by the paps. She carried the outfit confidently and dauntingly.

But her styling sense was not taken well by the netizens, trolled her massively and backlashed her for wearing such a revealing dress and roaming on the streets, half-naked.

Talking about the dress, Urfi Javed claimed, “I look hotter than Kendall Jenner in that outfit, so why not? Firstly I didn’t copy her. I wore that black cut-out dress one day after Kendall. How is it possible to get it done in just one day? We seem to have the same choices and they’re great, can I help that?”

Urfi Javed also reacted to the backlash stated that she never gives a f**k to what stupid people thinks. She also stated that media also slut shamed her by writing, ‘maine saari haadein paar kar de ashleelta ki’ and ‘urfi javed ne apna yeh dikhaya, woh dikhaya’ but she will dress like how she wants. She further added, “Jab Ananya Panday aur Janhvi Kapoor ko spare nahin karte, toh main kis khet ki mooli hoon?”

Previously she stated that if the same piece was donned up by a star-kid it would have been called fashion.

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