Urvashi Rautela gets “dirty hot” as she gets herself covered in mud

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Published by b0lyw0Od on 15 Jun 2021

Urvashi Rautela recently cited Queen Cleopatra as an influence for her own personal beauty regimen.

Urvashi posted posted a picture of herself and wrote, “MY FAV MUD BATH SPA / MUD THERAPY. Cleopatra was an early lover of a mud bath, while modern fans includes me. Enjoying the red mud of a Balearic beach. Its said to have been used as a mirror by Venus, the Roman goddess of love. Its mineral-rich mud is considered therapeutic and good for skin.”

When it comes to mud baths, Urvashi Rautela added: “Mud is a complicated substance. Remarked for their ability to detoxify and draw out impurities, soften skin, improve circulation, and relieve aches and pains, therapeutic Mud Baths are still popular today.”

Urvashi Rautela recently took to Instagram to announce that she is contributing to solving the oxygen crisis with her share of the funds going to cure the COVID-19 pandemic.

Opening up on it, Urvashi Rautela added: “India is grappling with the COVID-19 pandemic, people out there are in agony running about to arrange life-saving medications, ICU beds, ventilators and, most crucial, oxygen to save their loved one. Arranging these essentialities is arduous today because the availability of all these things is way less than what the country actually requires to win this battle.”

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