Varun Dhawan says he was 16 when he first met Lisa Haydon; “I was awestruck by her beauty”

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Published by Chinmay Kulkarni on 24 Apr 2021

Varun Dhawan at Vh1 Inside access a television show in 2017 shared memory of him meeting with Lisa Haydon at a very cool party in Goa. Arjun Rampal was also one of the guests at the party he mentioned. I was the youngest over there. “I came out and there was this shack over there, and I was very hungry. Think why I was hungry. Then I reached there and I saw Lisa Haydon. Lisa Haydon wasn’t Lisa Haydon then. As in, she wasn’t famous, nobody knew her… Maybe she was. I saw her and I was like, ‘Dude, this girl is so pretty.’ I started just thinking how pretty is this girl,” said Varun while talking at the show.

“She was standing at the shack with her then-boyfriend, they saw me as a harmless hungry kid and offered me sandwiches. I remember eating sandwiches and meeting Lisa Haydon at the party. A few days later when I saw her in the papers and said to myself  ‘okay, she is real ‘”, Varun told.

Later in 2014 somehow incidentally Lisa was linked with Varun. She tweeted “I Am Single! @Varun_dvn is NOT engaged. Enough misinterpreting. Over. Please?” to deny the news, to which Varun Dhawan replies  “@HaydonLisa this really cracked me up. next il have children. best of luck with shaukeen miss Haydon.

On the work front, Varun Dhawan has been a successful actor. Dharma productions Student of the year was his debut film, his films have seen ups and downs at the box office collections, but still, he has managed to gain Stardom and is recognized as one of the highest-paid actors of Bollywood.

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