Vedangi Kulkarni, Youngest Woman To Circumnavigated The World In Just 159 Days

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Vedangi Kulkarni, 20 years old girl from Pune’s suburban area of Nigdi become the youngest one who circumnavigated the world on a bicycle in just 159 days which ended in Kolkata on Sunday Morning.

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Halfway around the world- 9020 miles(14,432km) in 55 days. How do I feel? Grateful! I feel grateful for the colourful sunrises and sunsets, the mountains and the flat lands, the tarmac and gravel paths, the beautiful trees, creeks, rivers and lakes, the howls of the wolves and close wildlife encounters, the pleasant temperatures and freezing cold, the thunderstorms and stormy winds and tailwinds, and above all, to the PEOPLE who have supported me however and whenever and wherever I’ve needed- family, friends and absolute strangers! You’re my invisible peloton and I value every single one out there wishing well for me. Please keep up the support so I can keep doing what I’m out here to do! Let’s make more dreams come true. Let’s have more young people do what they love. Let’s get more people outside. Please find the link in my bio so that we can raise £18000 and fund two young adventurers on their great adventures and also help me keep going. Even a mile sponsored is a great help! Special thanks to @vivekskulkarni261205 and @woodark for your efforts of being there for me on the other end of the call or message in whichever part of the world, whenever I’ve needed. A massive respect and a big thanks! #Grateful #PedallingThePlanet #StepUpAndRideOn @isenworkshop @alpkit @anthillfilms @bournemouthuni @sportbu @findraclothing @evocsports @ldnbikekitchen @rideshimano @clifbar @subucyclingclub

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Vedangi covered a distance of 29,000 km in 159 days in order to acquire the fastest Asian to have such feat. Started from Perth, Australia, she cycled her path across the country and the famous frontier to reach Brisbane, followed by flying over to Wellington in New Zealand, where she completed cycling the country from North to South.

After conquering her magnificent journey in Oceania (Islands of the central and South Pacific, including Melanesia, Micronesia, and Polynesia) she moved towards the western Canadian city of Vancouver before reaching Halifax, a port city on the eastern side of Canada.

Her travel across the world wouldn’t have been possible without her parents’ trust and Vedandi thanked her parents firstly for being the support pillars throughout the time. “My parents have done a great job in giving a 19-year-old (she turned 20 on the ride) all the required mental support and encouragement to explore the world, standing strong when the going got tough, always being on the other end of the phone and at not letting the curiosity die out due to ill experiences even though the parental instincts told them otherwise,” she said.

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It was literally a couple of days ago when I crossed into Manitoba and went an hour ahead. It’s long gone already! Well, we’ve crossed into Ontario at some point last night and will be going another hour ahead today. Also, I’m raising money to start an adventure grant for enthusiastic young adventurers who’d choose to take the path less trodden, by encouraging you to sponsor a mile of this expedition. It’s 18000 miles and even a mile sponsored will be very helpful! We’ve already raised over £1000, wooohoooo! Whilst £8000 will go towards the grant, the rest will help me power through the remaining ride to the best of my abilities. Financial troubles are an obvious part of an expedition of this scale and your support will help me keep going and make it around the world! Link is in the bio❤️ #PedallingThePlanet #StepUpAndRideOn @isenworkshop @anthillfilms @alpkit @bournemouthuni @sportbu @findraclothing @rideshimano @evocsports @clifbar

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It was a tough journey from Canada as she was paddling through the coldest regions of Iceland. She covered the vast portion of Europe by cycling through Portugal, Spain, France, Belgium, Germany, Denmark, Sweden, and Finland, before entering Russia.

After crossing all the way to Russia, she flew back to India to finish the last 4,000 km of the journey. After which as per Tripoto, she will fly back to Perth, the point where it all started.

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Quite a few days to update on here. So I will try and fill you all in briefly. A late night visit to a local medical centre in Kimba and a whole host of test, tablets and a another day of taking it easy, Vedangi finally managed to get over the food poisoning! A few days of low milage meant that there was a lot of catching up to do! Some big efforts have been put down (Just as the film crew had to wave goodbye) As V hurtled on down to Adelaide where Cappuccino got some much needed TLC and her hunger returned with a Vengeance👹 She stocked up at the local supermarket and ofcourse grapes! And set her sights on Melbourne, 440km yesterday and similar on the horizon today, things are getting back on track! We have been in contact with Spot for a couple of days and the tracker is still causing issues. A technician will be meeting her in Melbourne to hopefully get her back on the map again 📍🇦🇺 Current list of broken/ lost things: 1x Broken camera mount 1x Snapped saddle bag strap 1x Lost Cleat screw 1x broken spot tracker 1x Stomach “The past few days have been a test of patience, courage and will power. Patience to settle into the ride before hitting big distances, courage to make the right decisions and will power to keep going even when things have gone wrong. Now, I don’t know if it’s the audiobooks I listen to, the books that I’ve read in the past or the people that I choose to interact with and be around, but every bit of positivity that I’ve picked up from somewhere has been pushing me on further to go on in spite of anything going wrong. So the current motto is to find the positive in every negative!‘’ 📷- @woodark #StepUpAndRideOn #PedallingThePlanet @isenworkshop @anthillfilms @alpkit @bournemouthuni @sportbu @findraclothing @evocinstagram @rideshimano

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The youngest woman faced many obstacles in her journey of covering Asia like she was chased by a grizzly bear in Canada, getting robbed in Spain at knifepoint, surviving in extreme weather conditions where temperature ranged from -20 degree to 37 degrees Celsius. Above all that she had a lot of problems during the visa process resulting in a waste of a lot of time.

Vedangi completed a remarkable journey where she rolled it out without 80% of the time, the girl was beyond any support. Her parents are indeed very proud of their brave daughter who funded her voyage.

“It’s her dedication and willpower to achieve her dream which ensured the success and I am sure there are many more to come,” shares her father Vivek Kulkarni.

Vedangi Kulkarni is now waiting for the confirmation certificate of her brave journey around the globe, from the concerned authorities.

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This is Cappuccino and I’m gonna cycle around the world with him. With the delays in getting the visas and a few last minute issues, we had to postpone the attempt by a few days. And I cannot wait to start! Hopefully on 3rd July, I’ll be on the start line at Perth, Australia. I’ve had a slightly rough time and I’ve also had my highs. But now it’s all real and the goal is crystal clear. There’s no stopping, there’s no looking back! Give me another day and my tracker will be set up and hopefully you’ll join me on this grand adventure by watching the tiny and curious dot. More information tomorrow 🙂 #PedallingThePlanet #StepUpAndRideOn @alpkit @sportbu @bournemouthuni @isenworkshop @anthillfilms @findraclothing

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The world is proud of you, girl!

Published by Soniya Kaur on 26 Dec 2018

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