Veteran actor Sanjay Khan apologizes publicly for not recognizing Preity Zinta at airport

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Published by Vanshika Bisht on 23 Nov 2021

Former evergreen actor, Sanjay Khan issued a sincere apology to actress Preity Zinta on Monday, as he failed to recognize her on a flight to Dubai. It was only when his daughter pointed out the actress to him so that he recognize her.

The veteran actor took to his social media account and submitted the apology message publicly, for not recognizing the popular actress on their way to Dubai. Taking to Twitter, Sanjay revealed that they were introduced by his daughter Simone Arora.

Nowadays, celebrities in order to avoid the paparazzi and to keep their matters private, sometimes choose to hide their identity while travelling. As it is very common to see fans gathering around them for selfies and to clear some rumors, and the actors despite being tired have to answer them or pose for them.

Hence, the actors now go incognito while camouflaging themselves amongst commons. And Preity Zinta is no different, especially now after being a new mom.

But this time it has lead to Sanjay Khan posting an apology.

Talking to his Twitter handle, Sanjay Khan posted a heartfelt apology to Preity Zinta for failing to acknowledge her.

He wrote, “Dear Preity- as a gentleman I thought its my duty to apologize that I couldn’t recognize you when my daughter Simone introduced you on a flight to Dubai.”

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