Vicky Kaushal shares the type of woman he would like to marry, wants to connect with his better half

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Published by Jayanti Poddar on 12 Nov 2021

Vicky Kaushal confronted his worries head-on in Bear Grylls’ ‘Into the Wild.’ During his adventure, the actor faced his greatest fear: the deep blue sea. The actor did it all, from coating himself in mud to escape insects to eating raw crab flesh and diving into the Indian Ocean to get up close and personal with the sea life. Kaushal was an “incredible guest,” according to Bear, who gave a satisfying big smile after conquering his phobia.

The Udham Singh actor not only overcame his fear of diving into seawater, but he also revealed details about his personal life. He told how he was born in a humble house and how he left engineering to pursue acting. Kaushal also mentioned the kind of woman he would like to marry.

Sham Kaushal, the actor’s father and Bollywood action director, had a message for him before he embarked on his journey. He said, “Hello Vicky putter, Love you. I am a bit tense. It is difficult to survive in some corner of the world with no one around……. Come out as a winner. We are waiting for you.”

The 33-year-old actor walked deep into the mangrove swamp with Bear Grylls, and while they were resting, he told Bear Grylls about how he left engineering because he couldn’t be a ‘rat in the race.’ During the mangrove swamp experience, Kaushal was forced to consume raw crab meat, which he said was “awful,” but he ate it to survive because his josh was “very very high”.

In the midst of his wedding rumours with Katrina Kaif, Bear Grylls asked Vicky Kaushal about the type of woman he would like to marry “Whoever makes you feel at home all the time, you just know that connect. Also, where there is that understanding where you love each other for your plus and minuses both and we make each other a better version of each other,” the Uri actor explained.

Vicky Kaushal and Katrina Kaif were recently photographed in the same location, and it was recently rumoured that they had an engagement ceremony on Diwali. When some photographers inquired about Kaushal’s wedding, he simply smiled and preferred to remain silent.

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