Vipin Sharma gives it off to the ‘criminals’ shooting secretly during the pandemic

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Published by Diya Khetrapal on 16 May 2021

Actor Vipin Sharma was recently contacted for an ad shoot in Mumbai, which he was naturally irritated with. He even turned to Twitter to express his dismay at the events, emphasizing that shooting right now, in the midst of a raging pandemic crisis, is completely inappropriate, especially given the severe prohibition against such actions.

He said, “I got a call from this casting director and I was furious and upset. At a time like this, how can anyone even think of shooting and that so soon? I was very angry and started screaming that there are people willing to put the lives of others at stake.” He added, “If somebody contracts the virus and dies because of the shoot, then who’ll take the responsibility? Nobody is going to pay anything to that person except few thousand bucks.”

According to the actor from Taare Zameen Par (2007), he not only called the casting director right away but also warned him what they were doing was “criminal.” Sharma, however, is relieved to report that the shoot has been canceled for the time being. “I’m happy that they listened to me. I’ve also told all my friends to report such incidences if they’re also approached for any shoot in these times. This is just not right,” he said.

While the actor has had his first dosage of vaccination, he will not be ready to work for at least another six months. “I’m waiting for my next jab now. And I’m not doing to step out and shoot until everyone is vaccinated,” he says.

Despite the state’s rigorous lockdown, some modest shootings are still taking place in Mumbai, according to Sharma. “I don’t think any major shoot is happening though. Some are trying to sneak out and shoot with a few people. That mentality is there.” He also added, “The casting director who called me even told me that some actor, whose name he didn’t reveal, also shot an advert for Mother’s day. How ridiculous is that!”

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