Vir Das recalls receiving ‘threatening’ calls from credit card representatives and ‘sobbing outside an ATM at 2 a.m’ during struggling times

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Published by Jayanti Poddar on 13 Nov 2021

In an Instagram post, Vir Das revealed his struggles, writing, “I watched Maid. It’s sublime… I haven’t slept in three nights. It’s been 20 years, my biggest fear to date is one could go back to that situation.”

In an emotional post, comedian Vir Das revealed that viewing the Netflix show Maid gave him anxiety and reminded him of his “lowest period” in life. “Watching Maid gave me anxiety. My lowest point might have been Chicago 2002…… credit card collection agents calling and threatening you daily, crying outside an ATM at 2 AM with 8$ in my account. ATM only lets you withdraw 20,” Vir Das wrote.

Vir Das revealed that he had taken on three odd jobs in Chicago to make ends meet: Three jobs. One unpaid internship, one paid in cash and often late, and one based on commissions that I never received because I was a brown dude selling kitchen knives door to door the year after 9/11.

Vir Das admitted to being a “horrid flatmate” and how he often used the building code to sneak back into the theatre company he worked at to sleep where it was warm: “Some nights when the theatre company that I worked at closed….. was kind enough to pretend they hadn’t seen me do it on CCTV.”

Have a look at the post here:

“The series is great but it’s basically 10 episodes of that feeling.” Vir Das ended in his note. Vir Das remarked in the caption of his post that seeing Maid has given him sleepless nights. Hrithik Roshan wrote in response to Vir Das’ message: “Guess that’s why your wit is not without wisdom.”

The Netflix original series Maid, which premiered last month, follows a single mother who tries to make ends meet while providing for her small daughter. Margaret Qualley received critical acclaim for her portrayal of Alex, a woman who left an abusive relationship to pursue a new life. Margaret Qualley, who aspired to be a writer, gave up her ambitions when she became pregnant. She takes up work as a maid two years after her daughter is born, thus the title, and sets out to establish her life.

Vir Das is well known for his Netflix stand-up specials. He’s been in television shows including Mumbai Calling and Whiskey Cavalier, as well as films like Go Goa Gone, 31st October, and Shivaay among others.


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