The viral post of Dilip Kumar donating property to Waqf is Fake, clarifies cyber sleuth

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Published by Sagarika Patil on 10 Jul 2021

An instigating and outrageous message got circulated soon after the demise of the late Dilip Kumar on social media. The viral post claimed that he had donated his properties to the Waqf board has now turned to be false and was fake information that got viral, explained a Cyber Sleuth on Friday.

Social Media Hoax Slayer, who keeps an eye on the viral fake posts came with an explanation on their Instagram handle. They shared the truth behind these false allegations. They wrote, “Late Dilip Kumar didn’t donate his property to waqf as made viral by many against the legendary actor. Disinformation is a tool mostly used to create and spread hatred using lies. In this case, to defame a legend who left all remembering him. It takes a huge effort to bring down a tall, strong tree whose shadow was enjoyed by all, but the trolls, still are trying hard.”

“Yusuf Khan alias Dilip Kumar has left, pretended to be a Hindu and ate from them, but after death donated his property worth Rs 98 crore to the Waqf Board, all are jihadis,” read the post that went viral.

See the post-

“I was barged with calls and messages to verify the truth behind the post and after huge efforts, I found that it was just a hoax, like many that are seen on social media. I even confirmed with Faisal Farooqui, the media manager of late Dilip Kumar Saab,” said Social Media Hoax Slayer Pankaj Jain.

They also shared some viral tweets that were being circulated with fake information all over the social media. “These are fake tweets created by fake IDs. Mischief makers and absolutely false. Every word of these tweets is FALSE. There’s no truth in their content,” Faisal Farooqui said in a written statement to Jain.

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