Viral Video Of Donkey Running At A High Speed On A Busy Highway Puzzles All

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Published by Ricky Tandon on 05 Mar 2021

If we ask you a query about the animals with the proficiency to run fast, donkeys will not practicably be in your top 50 choices. But, if you watch a viral video recording, it will make you trust that the humble donkey can give any horse a run for its money. The video recording boasts of a donkey-drawn cart moving speedily on a busy lane amid continuous traffic flow.

“Forget about horsepower, go DONKEY power!” a popular video page on Facebook penned recently while posting the excerpt that showcases a donkey running at a high pace on a busy public road.

What’s make it more exciting is that the donkey is also pulling a cart, whereas two males are sitting on it. One of the persons can be witnessed pulling at the reins to regulate the donkey, whereas the other one can be witnessed latched to the wooden base on the cart.

The video recording made by an interested bystander had made the netizens gripped. The video recoridng bagged more than 2.5 million views.

image source

As the video recording has turned viral, a lot of people doubted if the animal was intoxicated to run at that pace, whereas some also raised questions about the genuineness of the excerpt, claiming the rapidity has been augmented. Others also commented that as there are no brake pedals, what would happen to the males riding on the wagon when the donkey stops.

As it occurs, the excerpt is a small portion of a video from Pakistan that got viral in the year 2019. In case, you’re speculating if the rapidity has been transformed, watch the full video recording to decide.

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