Virat Kohli won the hearts of billions all around the world over this gesture, gets praised by wife Anushka Sharma

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Published by Vijay Sisodiya on 10 Jun 2019

People in India went to bed with huge smiles on their faces as India wins again their second match in the World Cup against one of the strongest competitors and the defending champion team, team Australia. India’s also continues its streak of being unbeatable this win in the tournament. The match yesterday between two of the most favorite teams in the tournament resulted in a nail-biting end with a lot of ups and downs for both the team during the whole match. But the highlight of the match was definitely the gesture from the Indian captain Virat Kohli to which he is being hailed as a true masterclass. During the first inning, while India was batting, Virat Kohli got on the strike as a section of Indian fans at the stadium as he told them to cheer for the team and not defame the player of the other team. Apparently, it all happened because of the section of the fans started shouting cheater to Australian player Steve Smith while he was looking at the deep. The cricketer was involved in a ball-tampering case in the past, to which he was handed over a year of ban from the International Cricket.

Kohli, being a total gentleman and true ambassador to the game took the whole responsibility and look at the problem and immediately took the action. Kohli gestured the fans and tells them to stop with the booing and start to clasp for the Australian ex-captain. This gesture of Kohli won the hearts of many and was praised by people all around the world.

Even back in India, his wife Anushka Sharma was head over heels by her husband’s gesture. The actor took on Instagram and shared the story of the news with the caption, “Aggressive player, benevolent man – so easy to love.” Virat Kohli once again proved that he is the true champion of the game.

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