Vishal Malhotra becomes the first ever Indian actor to release an NFT with artist Ishita Banerjee

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Published by Swathy S on 03 Jul 2021

Popular host, film and television actor Vishal Malhotra in collaboration with the renowned artist Ishita Banerjee released an NFT (Non Fungible Token). He became the first Indian actor to collaborate with an artist. The art portrays the 25 years of Vishal Malhotra in the Hindi entertainment industry and the most famous characters the actor has performed over the years. The NFT was sold for 2.5 ETH.

The animated piece of art is knit with music. After the auction went live, the first bid was made within 45 minutes. The buyer also gets a live chat with the actor and depending on the covid situation, a possible Meet&Greet. Additionally, there is a fun contest in which there is a watermark, a little portrait of the actor hidden in the painting that the people have to find, capture a photo and tag him where they will get some merchandise along with that.

Vishal Malhotra told about this exciting news as “Excited to collaborate with an NFT artist as the first Indian actor, where I am the subject of the art piece which depicts the characters I have played in my journey as an actor. I have lent my voice to the background music of the artwork as well. What’s interesting is that it also helps me connect to the people who buy the collection. They get a chance for a meet and greet depending on the covid situation or get an interaction live/online. A bid that started at approx 0.5 eth (700USD) finally sold within 24 hours for 2.5eth (5500 USD) that’s 5 times the listed price. The buzz around this HISTORIC NFT drop was so much that it created an intense bidding war. My next NFT drops early next week and I’ve already been getting messages with bids!”.





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