Our voices have been silenced, Says Zaira Wasim on Kashmir’s ongoing situation

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Published by Ishan Soni on 04 Feb 2020

Entertainer Zaira Wasim took to Instagram to share a long post about the predicaments of the occupants of Kashmir. In a contacting post, Zaira, who hails from Kashmir, composed that Kashmir keeps on the affliction.

“Kashmir keeps on torment and see-saw among expectation and frustration. There’s a bogus and uncomfortable similarity to serenity in place of raising sadness and distress. Kashmiris proceed to exist and endure in this present reality where it is so natural to put limitations on our freedom,” she composed.


She included: “For what reason do we need to live in a world where our lives and wills are controlled, directed and twisted? For what reason is it so natural to have our voices hushed? For what reason is it so natural to abridge our opportunity of articulation? For what reason aren’t we at any point permitted to voice our conclusions, not to mention our disprovals to choices that are made in opposition to our desires? Can anyone explain why as opposed to attempting to see the reason for our view, our view is simply censured ruthfully? What is so natural to check our voices so seriously? For what reason can we not live basic lives without continually wrestling and help the world to remember our reality. For what reason is that life of a Kashmiri is just about facing a lifetime of emergency, bar, and aggravation so inexhaustibly that it has removed the acknowledgment of commonality and agreement from the hearts and brains?”

In the post, she demands the world to ‘not accept the uncalled for the portrayal of realities’. “Pose inquiries. For our voices have been hushed and for how long….none of us truly know!” she composed.

Kashmir experienced a long time of web shutdown after the exceptional status was denied on August 5. Many Internet service providers were reestablished in the Kashmir Valley on January 25.

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In June a year ago, Zaira stunned everybody by declaring her choice to stop the film business saying she was not content with the profession as it interfered with her religion. She was most recently seen in Shonali Bose’s The Sky is Pink, featuring Priyanka Chopra and Farhan Akhtar.

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