A Waiter in NYC Hotel Returned Lost Half-Million Dollar Cheque To Woman Even Though She Didn’t Tip Him, Earns Goodwill

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Published by Amrit Santlani on 18 May 2019

In an interesting event that happened recently in New York, Karen Vinacour, who worked as a social worker throughout her life nearly lost all of her life’s savings worth $ 424,000 (almost 3 crores) but a waiter came to his rescue. Yes, a waiter, who she had not even tipped, but he chose to return Karen’s cheque safely, and earner a lot of good Karma.

Karen visited a pizza joint with her daughter after looking at a house in the neighbourhood as she was planning on buying a new house with her life savings, most of which was money she got after selling her old house. After having her meal, she simply didn’t tip the waiter and left.

While clearing the table something unusual happened, waiter Armando Markaj found an envelope on the table. When he opened the envelope, he got shocked to see a cheque worth almost half a million dollars. Markaj is a medical student who is currently working part-time to reduce his student debt and hence, understood the value of money.

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Speaking about what he did next, Markaj told in an interview, “I’m happy for her, really. Saturdays are pretty busy and I was very close to taking everything left on the table and throwing it out when I saw an envelope. I just pulled up the flap and I saw ‘Citibank’ and thought it was important, so I ran out to the street to look for her, but she was gone.”

Karen tried looking for the check in her purse but obviously could not find it. She then tried to contact various place she had visited but in vain. Meanwhile, Markaj and the pizza joint’s owners also tried to contact Karen and return the cheque to its rightful owner.

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After a lot of efforts they finally got in touch with Karen and when she got to know about this, she rushed to the place and collected what was hers, and even apologized to Markaj for not tipping him.

Well, it seems that there is some good left in the world and they’re the ones who restore balance in the universe.

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