Waiter’s Heartwarming Gesture When A Man Struggles To Pay During His Date Is Applaud-Worthy

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Published by Isha Kataria on 25 Jan 2019

Whenever a new relationship starts, there’s always a lot of excitement as well as nervousness. Especially when first few dates where you are wining and dining as you know this will make your spark more brighter.

A Twitter user Tim was having dinner at an elegant place where he noticed a man on a date who was struggling with a classic dilemma. He saw the man offering to pay the bill himself and insisted his date to order whatever she wants. The high prices on the menu and his promise to pay the bill made him suffer through a dilemma.

When a waiter saw his discomfort, he showed a very touching gesture. According to Tim, the man offered to pay the entire bill himself but his date still insisted to go Dutch as she was aware about the prices. The woman repeatedly insisted but the man wanted it to be his treat and insisted on paying the entire bill.

This was a kind gesture which restores the faith in humanity. The tweet got more than 10,000 retweets.

Twitter user Tim posted, “Saw something lovely as I was eating my Sunday dinner earlier.”

“A young couple sat at the table next to me. They looked and sounded like a couple just starting out and it was probably their first meal out together.”

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