Wajid Ali, Newly Elected MLA in Rajasthan is a Successful Young Educationist in Australia

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Published by Isha Kataria on 14 Dec 2018

We have rarely seen youngsters who are successful in creating an equal balance in their business as well as politics at the same time. India has got many young politicians who have also started their businesses, but most of them are from well established political families. But Wajib Ali will leave you in a surprised as he is something different from other. He completed his studies in India, went abroad for higher studies and got a permanent residency to set up his business. Not only this he returned to do politics in his backyard. The newly BSP MLA from Nagar constituency in Rajasthan has this simple story that will we should all know.


In 2013, Wajib Ali came back to India and joined politics. He lost the election earlier but after five years he won against BJP rival Anita Singh by 26,786 votes. Wajid was born an brought up in Nagar. He completed his education in Rajasthan and left for Australia in 2005 to pursue his higher studies. After completing his studies he joined his family business there. He currently runs eight colleges and a school in Australia.


Recently Ali informed that when he returned to India to meet his parents six years ago, he was struck by the miserable condition of his village. He thought about that he hasn’t done anything about her community. He is getting success in Australia while his village was still waiting for the basic development and growth.

He said, “I wanted to make a difference in people’s lives, especially in my area. My area is the most backward area of Rajasthan and in fact, even in the whole of India if you would see, the most backward area was Mewat in Haryana. Nagar constituency is home to many Meos. Therefore, I started thinking about how can I give back to my community.”

When he was asked about to leave his comfortable life to contest elections in Nagar Ali said, “You should have the ability to make a difference. That is one of the reasons why I went to the elections. Now, I have got a good voice, I can go to any house and represent the issues which people in my area are facing.”


He further said, “I would love to focus on education because education is the only thing that has given me so much of success in my life. I would like to improve the quality of government education system in my state. A lot of people ask me why don’t you run your own school or college here but that’s probably not the solution because I can’t serve the numbers then. Private education is not a solution, I believe I should work hard on improving the quality of government education so that everyone can benefit.”

Meanwhile, Ali is also a member of the International Rural Council and wants to help the farmers back home.

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