Yo Yo Honey Singh’s wife alleges that her father-in-law came to her room in inebriated condition while changing her clothes, grazed his hands over her chest

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Published by Swathy S on 05 Aug 2021

Shalini Talwar, Punjabi singer and actor Yo Yo Honey Singh’s wife, has filed a case against her husband on domestic violence, seeking Rs 10 crore compensation under the Protection of Women from Domestic Violence Act.

According to her lawyer, Tania Singh, the Chief Metropolitan Magistrate, has issued a notice informing Honey Singh not to alienate or create any third party rights in the properties jointly owned by them in Noida and also not to dispose of the jewellery of his wife or other items.

Shalini claims that she was put through several incidents of physical, mental, emotional and verbal abuse from her husband and his family.

Shalini said that her husband has beaten her numerous times in the last few years and she has been constantly living under the fear of him and his family as they have threatened her with physical harm.

In the plea filed through advocates Apoorva Pandey, Sandeep Kapur and G G Kashyap, she stated that “Due to mental harassment and cruelty imposed upon her over a period of time, she also suffered from symptoms of depression and sought medical help”. She has also stated that how her husband physically assaulted her for the past 10 years.

Shalini described how Honey Singh and his family shattered her mentally and emotionally to the point where she began to identify herself as a “farm animal, shepherded from here to there while being treated cruelly”.

Shalini also accused her husband of cheating, alleging that he frequently has sex with several women, refuses to wear his wedding ring and beats her mercilessly for posting their wedding photos online.

Shalini also said that while she was changing her clothes, her father-in-law once walked into her room in an inebriated condition and grazed his hands over her chest.

Furthermore, she also requested the court to order her husband to pay a monthly rent of Rs 5 lakh for completely furnished housing in Delhi so that she could live independently and not be reliant on her widowed mother.

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