YRKKH: Kairav gets pancakes as reward, Luv-Kush caught red-handed by Kairav

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Published by Lokendra Sharma on 24 Jan 2020

After Naira and Kartik’s lavish wedding, the family is enjoying some moments of happiness. In the recent episode, Kartika along with Naira heads to Kairav’s parents’ meeting. Whereas, in the Goenka villa, Manish Goenka was seen telling Luv Kush that they are lost and we need to do something. On the other hand, Akhilesh and Sameer plans for a picnic, however, Luv disagrees and wants to do mud biking.

Kartik, Naira, and Kairav return home on a very sad note and everyone asks them about what happened they pranked them by saying that Kaira got the best-behaved student award in his class and Kartik credits Naira for Kairav’s good upbringing.

Naira makes delicious cupcakes for Kairav as he own the award in his class. Kairav, on the other hand, finds Luv and Kush smoking in the garden area. On seeing Kairav, Luv and Kush ask him not to tell anything to Naira.


Naira calls Vansh and Kairav to eat pancakes however, she smells smoke from Kairav’s dress and gets suspicious. Later a staff member gives her a packet of cigarettes found in Luv’s clothes. She questions Luv kush before everybody and Surekha bashes Naira for the same.

Luv kush concludes that the girl must have told about their smoking to Naira and further states to teach her a lesson. Kairav and Vansh play basketball with Luv Kush and suddenly Luv falls. Sammer, on the other hand, enters the house with a tensed face however, he tells everybody that there is good news that Gayu is pregnant.

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