Zayn Malik has a Twitter outburst yet again

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Published by Vijay Sisodiya on 05 Apr 2019

Zayn Malik, who is a former member of the band One Direction, is known for keeping his life private from time to time. The singer who left the band and continued with his solo career is also known for his emotional twitter outbursts. Zayn Malik sometimes really just take it all out on Twitter no matter if it is positive or negative, it is just out there. Recently Malik twitted “I would like to apologize for basically being s**t person.”. Well many people think that he posted that for Louis Tomlinson who is a former member of the band as well. Why? because he skipped on  Louis’ X Factor performance post his mother Johannah Deakin’s death.

Zayn Malik took on Twitter yet again and started with the rant tweets. He twitted three tweets in a row which does not seem happy at all. He twitted, “How about you all go f**k yourselves with your irrelevant bullshit,” and added, “This ain’t a place for feelings.” Malik then concluded, “And you aren’t the person you said you were.”

His fans are trying to figure out why their idol is in such a bad mood. And who exactly the tweets are for.

Some say it is about the member of the band and others say it is about his ex Gigi Hadid. Yet in the later events, he also tweeted that his tweets weren’t about Gigi and that she is a very amazing woman who does nothing but loves and supports him. He also added that he does not deserve that love kind of love. We are still trying to figure out what is up with the singer. He also announced his album ‘Icarus Falls’ to be out worldwide. Maybe it is the band or maybe it is something very personal. But whatever it is we really hope he feels better and happy again.

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