Ziva Singh Dhoni is the best cheerleader present in every match and we could not agree more

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Since the media celebration that surrounded her birth in February 2015, Ziva Singh Dhoni–daughter of India’s ace cricket player  Mahendra Singh Dhoni and his beautiful wife Sakshi Dhoni always manages to rule the hearts of the fans and all of the people on the internet through her cuteness. There is no doubt that it is possible only because she shares this amazing bond with both of her parents that we can see what this little munchkin is always up to. Baby Ziva Dhoni now has her own Instagram account which has surprisingly 1 million followers and is also stands validated. Thanks to the Instagram app, we always know where Ziva Dhoni is and she is currently in London to support her dearest daddy at the ICC World Cricket Championship and we cannot help ourselves but gush over the adorable way she supports and cheers for her daddy at the stadium. There are videos all over the internet where you can hear the stylish toddler yelling in support, “Come on daddy!” or “Go daddy!” all the way through the match. Sometimes she even sits on the lap of mumma Sakshi for an even better view of the match.

It can always be seen on the Instagram pictures of Dhoni as well as Sakshi how much Ziva loves her daddy and how she always wants to be there to support him and the whole squad. Ziva is an absolute delight to watch in the stadium but what is more interesting to watch is her videos with her father. Dhoni teaches Ziva many things and like an intelligent kid which she is, she catches all of it really fast and learns every bit of it. Another reason to love Ziva is her innocence and her absolute love for the game just like father Mahendra Singh Dhoni.

This is not the first time that Ziva is present to support her father. Even during the IPL Matches, Ziva used to be the best cheerleader to his dad and the team.

Published by Vijay Sisodiya on 11 Jun 2019

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